About Us

My name is Sharon Wills and I'm a South Australian website developer and computing lecturer in business administration and vocational preparation.

The design & development of websites and other multimedia projects are my specialty. I regularly create websites and newsletters for my clients and enjoy watching the projects grow into their owners' vision.

I also have a keen interest in computers and all they have to offer. When I'm not developing websites one of my favourite activities is to share this passion with others. To get them excited about computers and all the wonderful tools they have incorporated in them. One of the biggest hurdles is getting people to realise there's nothing to be afraid off. Computers don't bite, and once you have a few tools to combat the little problems that arise, it's amazing how much your confidence sores.

The Services I currently offer include:

If what you are after isn't listed here contact me anyway, it's possible I can still help you with your request.