SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Our search engine optimisation services can be split into two categories: basic and targeted. The basic search engine optimisation is included as standard with all newly created sites. Targeted search engine optimisation is an add on feature that you may wish to explore in order to try and reach the maximum number of your targeted audience.

Search Engine Optimisation May Include:

Optionally you can also add:


This is what we use to help search engines list our sites. Metatags need to be created so that customers that want your product can find you. In laymen's it's a tag of code that is added to your site pages. Don't worry you and your customers won't see it, it's only visible to those who need to see it. The metatag will include keywords and a page description that will go on all pages. This will be viewed and used by search engines.

For an addition fee each page can have its own specialised page description and keywords that are unique and specialised to increase your search rankings. As you can imagine it can sometimes take a bit of tweaking to get the best result. If each page has its own set of customised keywords, title and description search engines can list each of the pages as separate entities. The more listings you get the more likely you are to turn up in a customer's search.

Search Engine Submission

As a standard service the main/home page of your site is submitted for listing to a minimum of 10 search engines. As popularity of your site grows so will the number of search engines that list your site. This method is effective but it may take several weeks for your listing to show on search results.

For an added fee you may wish to:

  • Have more than one of your pages submitted to the search engines.
  • Some search engines will allow you to submit your site for a fee, ensuring that your listing is on display within a very short time. I can arrange this on your behalf.

Stats Counter

All sites are created with a counter code installed to allow for data collection of your visitors. This service is provided for free by Weekly or monthly statistics will be sent to your email account to keep you up to date with your sites traffics statistics and for more detailed information you can access For an additional fee standard statistic log size can be increased if needed and Google Analytics could be utilised.

Google Ad Words

For a small additional fee I'll set up a paid per click advertising schedule on your behalf using Google Ad Words. Pay as little per click or as much as you wish.


So please contact me and I'll be happy to discuss your options further.